About Six Seasons

Our commitment to your wellness extends beyond the present, ensuring a future filled with triumphs and transformative milestones.

Our Approach

Individually Crafted Holistic Programs for Your Recovery Journey

At Six Seasons, we believe in the power of holistic recovery with a personalised touch:

Mindful Therapies: Engage in therapies that nurture both the mind and soul.

Physical Well-being: Explore practices that promote physical health and vitality.

Emotional Wellness: Unwind in an environment that fosters emotional balance and resilience.

Mission and Values

holistic care, nurturing wellness

At Six Seasons, we are driven by a singular mission: to provide an unparalleled sanctuary where luxury converges with holistic care, nurturing your unique journey to wellness. With a focus on opulence and personalised well-being, Six Seasons is a haven where you embark on a transformative path towards enduring wellness.

Spotlight on our Core Values

At Six Seasons, we take pride in the values that define our commitment to you. Explore the Six Seasons difference, where:

Excellence guides every aspect of our care, ensuring the highest standards in your journey.

Compassion is the cornerstone of our approach, fostering a supportive and empathetic environment.

Personalised Care is at the heart of what we do, tailoring every experience to meet your unique needs.


Who We Treat

At Six Seasons Recovery, we offer exclusive 5-star residential rehabilitation, day programs, and online treatment services tailored for individuals facing challenges such as depression, anxiety, chronic stress, burnout, drug and alcohol dependency, eating disorders, and other co-occurring conditions.

Our intimate setting caters to a maximum of 4 guests, ensuring a personalised and focused approach. With a diverse team of highly qualified professionals, we have the expertise to understand your individual needs, circumstances, and personal preferences. This enables us to craft a solution-focused program that is guaranteed to bring you success on your journey to recovery.

Programs at Six Seasons Recovery are tailored for each guest. Whether you are running a business, managing a family, an elite athlete or a public figure, your program can be as individual as your needs. 

We are generally able to welcome guests from the age of 17, but may be able to support people aged 15 or 16 years if clinically suitable. Please contact our team who will advise you if you, or your loved one may be suitable for our program. 

Six Seasons Recovery is proud to offer residential respite programs for plan-managed and self-managed National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) individuals. Our intake team will assist guests in providing relevant documentation and invoicing for NDIS. 


Comprehensive Support at Every Turn

Experience unparalleled care at Western Australia’s only exclusive 5-star treatment residence.

Our unique approach combines traditional and alternative therapies, alongside medical modalities, ensuring a collaborative and therapeutic environment.

From overcoming addiction and dependency to addressing anxiety, depression, vocational stress, disordered eating, relationship conflicts, and enhancing sports and personal performance, our successful programs deliver holistic and sustainable results for your personal well-being.

What to expect

A Glimpse into The Six Seasons Experience

Our Approach is Founded in Evidence-Based Practice and Measurable Results