A World Class, Private Residential Program

"Nourishing body, mind & soul in recovery."

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Private Holistic Rehab & Mental Health Facility in WA's Southwest

At Six Seasons Recovery, personalised one-on-one therapy, delivered by our expert, integrated team, utilises advanced evidence-based practices for your sustainable well-being.

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The Six Seasons Approach

At Six Seasons, we believe in the power of holistic recovery with a personalised touch:

Mindful Therapies: Engage in therapies that nurture both the mind and soul.

Physical Well-Being: Rehabilitation practices that promote physical health and vitality. 

Emotional Wellness: Unwind in a rehab close to Perth that fosters emotional balance and resilience.

Residential Programs Tailored for You

Specialised residential programs that are expertly designed and offer unmatched healing in the form of opulent retreats that run from six weeks to twenty-one days.

Personalised, one-on-one sessions covering the four pillars of treatment—medical, psychological, nutritional, and physical—will be provided to participants throughout this program.

Convenient and Compassionate Day Programs

Our day programs are expertly crafted to address mental health issues, dependancy issues, and general well-being. They provide unmatched care in a convenient and compassionate setting.

The Recharge Programs at Six Seasons combines therapeutic counselling with stress-relieving activities like massage, personal training, and delicious meals.

Online Programs from the Comfort of your Home

Experience the flexibility of Six Seasons’ online programs, which provide you with in-person assistance from experts. Designed to be convenient, these programs provide concentrated, private sessions with our skilled staff, guaranteeing the same superior care and life-changing assistance from the comfort of your home.

Setting the Pinnacle in Private Rehabilitation


Our Programs

Each Program at Six Seasons is Individually Tailored, Designed For Your Circumstances and Experience

Residential Programs

Individually crafted treatment plans exclusively designed for personalised recovery through one-on-one sessions. Addressing a spectrum of mental health, dependancy, and eating disorder concerns.

Day Programs

Flexible and focused programs to prioritise your well-being while balancing life. Treating mental health, dependancy, eating disorders, and workplace wellbeing.

Online Programs

Tailored for your convenience, these programs provide focused, one-on-one sessions with our medical, allied health, and therapeutic team.


Stories of Transformation