Eating Disorders Treatment

Eating Disorders are complex mental health conditions where individuals may struggle with recurrent patterns of obsessive thoughts or compulsions related to food, body image, and eating behaviors. These challenges often disrupt daily functioning and overall well-being.

Eating Disorders


Eating disorders are a widespread physical and mental health condition, impacting approximately 4% of Australians each year.

Anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, orthorexia, body dysmorphia, and other eating-related challenges are intricate mental health conditions that often manifest as disrupted patterns of eating. These conditions may involve symptoms like excessive exercise. Rooted in distorted beliefs and heightened concerns about food, its preparation, and body image, these behaviours are indicative of complex mental health issues with obsessive-compulsive elements.

At Six Seasons, our integrated approach is designed to manage and treat eating disorders comprehensively.
– Holistic approach to therapy equips individuals with the skills and strategies for long-term management and recovery.
– ‘One-on-one’ treatment for focused recovery, guaranteed privacy and confidentiality.
– Multidisciplinary team work collaboratively providing wrap-around care for each guest.
– Psychology sessions facilitate deep insight into underlying factors contributing to mental health conditions with tools for ongoing treatment.
– Regular sessions with multiple therapists and modalities to ensure strong therapeutic relationships and benefits, spanning psychology, nutrition and physical exercise.
– Advanced genetic testing underlies individually designed nutritional plans based on deficiencies, intolerances and preferences.
– Regular sessions with registered psychologists and degree-qualified health practitioners including nutritionist/dietitian, equine therapist, yoga therapist, exercise physiologist, and art therapist.
– 24/7 support staff trained in mental health first aid. Round-the-clock support staff for emotional support.
– Onsite nurses, chefs and support staff.


Symptoms of Eating Disorders

Eating disorders come with a wide range of symptoms. Left untreated, they can cause significant emotional and physical distress and can be associated with major medical complications.


Secretive behaviour around food, eating in private.


Increased sensitivity surrounding food types consumed and portion sizes.


Erratic behaviour and rituals to obtain and prepare food.


A preoccupation and obsession with food and body image.


Obsessive relationships with food trends and fads in pursuit of a healthy diet


Bingeing and purging to control weight.


Our Approach to Treating Eating Disorders

Our supportive team collaborates with you to comprehend and assess your current eating and exercise patterns. We then work closely with you to identify and address underlying triggers, drivers, and causes of disordered eating, fostering long-lasting recovery.

At Six Seasons, there is no BMI cut-off, and forced re-feeding is not part of our approach. Meal times are supported by qualified practitioners. Each program is tailored to the individual, emphasising mental health and physical well-being.

Furthermore, all our programs involve coaching for the guest’s support network and social circle.


Regular psychological therapy with degree-qualified professionals to address underlying causes of your experience.


Engage in evidence-based & emerging therapies, including equine-assisted therapy, art therapy & neurologic music therapy.


Customised sessions with our exercise physiologist and yoga therapist, complemented by rejuvenating experiences in our sauna and cold therapy sessions.


Personalised nutrition plan and supplement regime developed by a qualified nutritionist & based on advanced testing.