Prescription Medication Addiction

An addiction to prescription medication often begins after someone is prescribed the medication for pain following an accident or injury.

Prescription Medication Addiction


Both prescription medication misuse and abuse, as well as illicit drug use, originate from diverse causes, often rooted in physical, emotional, and/or psychological pain. At Six Seasons, we recognise the profound impact of drug misuse and dependency on health and wellbeing.

“Over half a million Australians are dependent on prescription painkillers, with addiction commencing in less than 2 weeks of regular use.”

Prescription medication addiction frequently initiates after an individual is prescribed medication for pain relief following an accident or injury. At Six Seasons, we acknowledge that various prescription medications have the potential to become addictive, including painkillers, anti-anxiety medications, sleeping pills, stimulants for ADHD, and antidepressants.

Addiction and withdrawal from prescription drugs can pose significant risks, underscoring the importance of support from family and friends to facilitate the individual’s access to treatment.
– Luxurious Accommodation
– Queen size bed with premium cotton bedsheets, plush towels.
– Room servicing.
– Complimentary in room amenities
– Culinary delights prepared by our private chef.
– Full access to onsite facilities – ice bath, sauna, gym, scenic bush walks.
– 24/7 on-site Professional Care.
– Four 1-on-1 Counselling Sessions per week.
– Medical Assessment conducted by our GP.
– Weekly Appointment with our Nutritionist/Dietitian.
– Wellness treatments including Massage, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Sauna, Spa.
– Three 1-on-1 fitness training sessions with our Personal Trainer per week.
– Twice weekly private Yoga Classes
– Wellbeing & Mindfulness Coaching Sessions
– Hyperbaric Oxygen Sessions
– Vitamin intravenous (IV) therapy infusions
– Invigorating Beach Walks and Bush Walks.
– Therapeutic sessions such as Art Therapy, Equine Therapy, surfing lessons.
– Addiction education workshops.
– Computer and phone access, subject agreement (discussed during assessment).
– Weekend excursions and free time
– Recreational activities including fishing, golf, surfing, pottery & crafts
– Comprehensive relapse prevention and exit planning.
– Dedicated Aftercare Plan for a period up to 12 months.


Symptoms of Prescription Medication Addiction

Prescription drug misuse and dependency can have devastating consequences on your physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing.


Anxiety, depression, mood swings, suicidal thoughts and psychosis.


Coordination difficulties, brain fog, memory loss, confusion and disorientation.


Insomnia, irregular pulse, nausea, loss of appetite.


Unable to speak with loved ones. Secretive behaviour.


Loss of job or poor performance.


Doctor shopping and black market for medications.


Our Approach to Treating Prescription Medication Addiction

Our approach involves evidence-based psychological therapies that delve into the foundational drivers of an individual’s experience with drug misuse. We guide our guests to understand the personal, social, and cultural factors contributing to their addictive behavior, fostering a path towards recovery and lasting wellness.


In a safe and comfortable, non-clinical setting, supported by qualified personnel, receiving 24 hour a day support. All efforts are made to minimise discomfort and to speed the withdrawal process.


We will work with you to identify any or all contributing factors that are at the core of your challenge; including psychological, physical and lifestyle factors. All therapies and treatments are delivered one on one by a large integrated medical team, combining traditional and alternative therapies with medical modalities to create a whole person solution.


Six Seasons includes the most comprehensive after care of all service providers in Australia. This is designed to ensure sustainable success by providing guests with ongoing support for 12 months after they return home.