Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is an anxiety condition where individuals have recurring obsessive thoughts or compulsions that typically cause difficulties in daily functioning.



Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a type of anxiety condition that affects 2% of Australian’s each year.

It is an anxiety condition characterised by recurring obsessive thoughts or compulsions, often hindering daily functioning. The need for control and prevention drives OCD, leading to repetitive behaviours like over-exercising, handwashing, or checking things. Severe OCD can be debilitating, impacting relationships and well-being.

At Six Seasons, we provide comprehensive support to address OCD, offering the right level of help to restore well-being and improve the lives of individuals and their loved ones.
– Holistic approach to therapy equips individuals with the skills and strategies for long-term management and recovery.
– ‘One-on-one’ treatment for focused recovery, guaranteed privacy and confidentiality.
– Multidisciplinary team work collaboratively providing wrap-around care for each guest.
– Psychology sessions facilitate deep insight into underlying factors contributing to mental health conditions with tools for ongoing treatment.
– Regular sessions with multiple therapists and modalities to ensure strong therapeutic relationships and benefits, spanning psychology, nutrition and physical exercise.
– Advanced genetic testing underlies individually designed nutritional plans based on deficiencies, intolerances and preferences.
– Regular sessions with registered psychologists and degree-qualified health practitioners including nutritionist/dietitian, equine therapist*, yoga therapist, exercise physiologist, and art therapist.
– 24/7 support staff trained in mental health first aid. Round-the-clock support staff for emotional support.
– Onsite nurses, chefs and support staff.


Symptoms of OCD

OCD is commonly associated with more complex diagnoses such as disordered eating, Bipolar disorder or severe anxiety.


Depression can be defined as consistently low mood. It can have adverse effects on the quality of life of the sufferer but can be treated effectively using an integrated, whole person approach


Anxiety is your body's physical response to real, perceived or imagined threats


Anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, orthorexia and other eating concerns are complex mental conditions.


Our Approach to Treating OCD


Regular psychological therapy with degree-qualified professionals to address underlying causes of your experience.


Engage in evidence-based & emerging therapies, including equine-assisted therapy, art therapy & neurologic music therapy.


Customised sessions with our exercise physiologist and yoga therapist, complemented by rejuvenating experiences in our sauna and cold therapy sessions.


Personalised nutrition plan and supplement regime developed by a qualified nutritionist & based on advanced testing.