There are many things to consider when choosing a rehabilitation program. These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will hopefully answer some of your questions about rehabilitation and recovery at The Six Seasons Wellness Hub.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

At Six Seasons Wellness Hub, we take pride in being more than a typical ‘Perth rehab center.’ We stand as the premier private rehab treatment option near Perth Western Australia. We are a team of dedicated Perth Addiction specialists and counselors helping to empower individuals in taking control of their mental and physical well-being.

Privately owned and operated, boasting a dedicated team of highly qualified and registered medical practitioners. Our collective commitment to a client-centric approach reflects our unwavering passion for making a meaningful impact on the lives of our guests and their families.

Our approach integrates cutting-edge medical and therapeutic practices with evidence-based natural treatments and therapies, leading to tangible improvements in our guests’ real-world experiences. 

We craft tailored, highly personalised treatment programs exclusively for you, addressing your unique challenges and striving to achieve your specific goals. Take the first step toward positive change today by reaching out to our friendly team to explore your treatment options.

Six Seasons Recovery draws inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Australia’s South West and the ancient wisdom of the Aboriginal Noongar people. Guided by a six-season calendar that has sustained the world’s oldest living culture for nearly 50,000 years, our approach to recovery aligns with the natural rhythm of life and the interconnectedness of the land.

Each season – Birak, Bunuru, Djeran, Makuru, Djilba, and Kambarang – symbolizes the cyclical changes in the environment. In much the same way, addiction and the stages of change are inherent cycles, with each phase offering opportunities for growth and renewal. The plants, animals, and weather patterns associated with each season serve as metaphors for the transformative journey towards recovery.

Welcoming visitors to our recovery community is akin to the traditional ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremony in Australia’s South West. Acknowledging the ancestral lands, connecting to the country, and paying respect to the diverse Aboriginal communities reflect our commitment to fostering a supportive and culturally sensitive environment.

As individuals navigate through the six seasons of recovery, akin to the Noongar calendar, they encounter plant indicators of change. These indicators represent moments of insight, progress, and self-discovery, guiding individuals toward healthier choices and lifestyles. We encourage everyone to embrace the wisdom of the Noongar people, respecting the culture and caring for the ‘Boodja’ country, paralleling the need for self-care and mindfulness on the journey to overcoming addiction.

Six Seasons Recovery honors the resilience of ancient cultures and intertwines this wisdom with the modern journey of addiction recovery. Through this harmonious blend, individuals can find strength, support, and inspiration to navigate their own transformative seasons toward lasting recovery.

At Six Seasons Wellness Hub, our customised mental health and addiction treatment programs are crafted to address your individual challenges, aspirations, and any concerns voiced by your support network. Our team of highly qualified addiction & mental health specialists, as well as registered medical practitioners are compassionate, understanding, and committed to guiding you toward tangible results.

Being Perth’s premier rehab, we extend support to individuals dealing with various conditions, including alcohol and substance abuse, prescription medication addiction (painkillers), and illicit drug addiction. Our specialisation extends to the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), trauma, and grief, as well as a range of mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and ​​comorbid and co-occurring disorders.

Whenever feasible, our programs incorporate a preparatory component before your arrival, laying the groundwork for your recovery journey. Post your stay at Six Seasons Wellness Hub; comprehensive telehealth aftercare support is provided for 12 months, ensuring ongoing assistance once you’ve returned home.

In pursuit of your recovery objectives, all our personalised programs are exclusively administered one-on-one by our extensive, medically-informed, and integrated team, utilising advanced evidence-based practices to foster enduring well-being.

You will never be prompted to share with other guests, and participation in group activities is not expected. Throughout your stay, all therapy, nutrition, exercises, and activities will be custom-designed to align with your values, beliefs, mindset, and goals, with no information shared among a group.

Whether you’re fully immersing yourself in our splendid residential retreat and treatment areas or enjoying one-on-one beachside therapy sessions, we are committed to ensuring your stay is both comfortable and yields tangible results.

We are a warm, compassionate, and understanding team, fostering a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for our guests. Anyone aiming to enhance their mental and physical health and overall well-being is embraced at Six Seasons Wellness Hub.

Our guests often have actively sought solutions elsewhere but may have found these alternatives inadequate and ineffective in achieving long-term, sustainable results.

People from various backgrounds and cultures, both across Australia and the world, choose Six Seasons. Despite their differences, all our guests share the acknowledgment that their well-being is somehow compromised, and they are committed to investing the necessary time and energy for a successful outcome.

At Six Seasons Wellness Hub, flexibility is key. Unlike most other health retreats and rehabilitation centres, we don’t have set arrival dates or times, and we’ll never force you to comply with an intake schedule. Our programs commence from the moment you confirm your intention to work with us, and it’s our commitment to allow clients to arrive at a time that suits them.

To ensure personalised attention, we cater to a maximum of four guests at any one time. This often provides an opportunity for pre-arrival support from our dedicated team, setting you up for success in your tailored treatment program right from day one, without the constraints of strict intake dates or preset schedules.

As for program duration, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. We collaborate with you to develop a plan that aligns with your goals and schedule, ensuring you’re well-positioned to achieve tangible results through our industry-leading team.

At Six Seasons Wellness Hub, our programs are designed to be busy yet highly adaptable, evolving as you progress through treatment and your needs change. This personalised approach is unique to Six Seasons and has proven transformative for our guests.

There’s no typical day here because we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all generic approach. Instead, each session and activity is tailored to your goals.

We structure our program to mirror the working week, with Monday to Friday kept busy, Saturdays focused on activities, and Sundays dedicated to relaxation. Throughout the week, you can expect up to six sessions per day, offering extensive time for your therapeutic journey.

Detox is a highly individualised process, and we believe in tailoring our approach to address both physical and psychological aspects, enabling clients to actively engage with the treatment program. Our bio-individual approach involves personalised strategies to tackle the problem from various angles.

We support the body’s detoxification by enhancing the functions of the liver and kidneys through intravenous supplementation (IV), acupuncture, and lymphatic drainage massage. Additionally, we incorporate infrared saunas, ice baths, and provide gut-supporting nutritional advice.

Our detox protocols prioritise your safety and comfort, and when appropriate, pharmaceutical support may be utilised, closely monitored by our team of registered doctors and nurses.

Upon arrival, many clients may already be on prescribed pharmaceutical medication. We consider it unethical to alter these without consultation with the prescribing doctors. Our pre-program includes connecting with existing practitioners to ensure a truly integrated, holistic approach to recovery.

We understand that transitioning back to ‘normal life’ after your stay with us can be a significant step. It’s natural to feel apprehensive about maintaining the progress you’ve made when faced with the pressures of everyday life, family, and work.

To support your journey post-treatment, all our programs include a 12-month aftercare package. This comprehensive telehealth support is designed to be delivered remotely, providing ongoing assistance as you navigate your recovery beyond your time with us.

Recognising that every individual’s struggles and goals are unique, we are committed to offering personalised treatment programs designed by our world-class team to achieve tangible outcomes.

As the cost of our programs varies significantly based on individual needs, we encourage direct contact with our friendly team for personalised discussions. Our non-residential/outpatient programs start from approximately $11,500, with fully immersive residential options, including 12 months of post-program support, available at a greater cost.

Guests at Six Seasons have various funding options, including self-funding or utilising superannuation. Additionally, there are medical loan providers, independent of Six Seasons, that may assist in accessing the necessary treatment for achieving physical and mental health goals.

At Six Seasons, we believe in the transformative power of serene environments for healing and growth. Located in Margaret River, our residential facility serves as a sanctuary for individuals seeking treatment and rehabilitation from various parts of the world, including Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States.

Beyond a conventional drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre or mental health retreat, Six Seasons is a tranquil haven near the beach in a nature reserve. Our world-class beaches, national parks, and amenities are just moments away, providing an opportunity for personalised, one-on-one sessions amidst the soothing backdrop of nature.

As a guest at Six Seasons, you’ll enjoy the luxury of your private room, complete with a bathroom and access to shared dining and living areas—all meticulously designed to support your recovery journey. Our facility offers seamless transfers from Perth airports and CBD for your comfort.

At Six Seasons, we prioritise creating a supportive and motivating environment for your recovery and treatment journey. Unlike some facilities, we are not a ‘lockdown’ centre, and we encourage access to the outside world.

It’s essential to understand that you can leave whenever you choose. Our admissions process is designed to assess your motivation and readiness, and admission may be refused if we’re not confident in your willingness to participate in the program.

We work with you throughout your stay to accommodate any work or family commitments in the daily schedule. Family visits are encouraged, and with coordination, you may even be allowed to bring your dog or cat, subject to prior approval. We have designated smoking areas, and prescription medication is permitted when necessary. Your comfort and individual needs are a priority at Six Seasons.

From the moment of your initial inquiry, throughout your program, and during aftercare support, we prioritise and respect your privacy and confidentiality. We recognise the importance of anonymity for many of our guests, and we can assure you that your stay will be handled with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

Our programs are entirely personalised to your needs and delivered one-on-one, eliminating the need for group sessions, yoga, or exercise participation.

At Six Seasons, we accommodate a maximum of only five guests at a time, ensuring a private and exclusive experience. You will have your private room and bathroom, and airport transfers are included, enhancing the overall quality of your stay and providing you with peace of mind. Your confidentiality is our commitment at Six Seasons.

While your drug and alcohol rehabilitation includes a strict program to which we expect you to adhere, we also believe that part of your healing requires a return to a sense of fun and play. Choose from a huge range of activities, including surfing, diving, boating, arts and crafts, gardening, trekking the cape-to-cape, mountain biking, experiencing the spiritual essence and culture of Southwest WA, the list goes on.

Absolutely. Our VIP team will meet you the moment you step off the plane. They will escort you out of the terminal and bring you to our treatment centre in private air-conditioned transport.

Yes. Our drug and alcohol rehab service incorporates a family component, beginning after your loved one’s initial 28-day recovery program. During this time, you will learn about addiction and recovery, and introduced to your own recovery program.

Absolutely we can. Whilst our program does not include the 12-step program as part of its focus, we can cater for any clients wishing to attend this program outside of our services. As well as a range of other modalities and treatment approaches, our addiction specialists can assist in your attendance at any of these outside meetings. 


Yes. We use evidence-based methods derived from established psychological principles. These include individual therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, narrative therapy, Motivational Interviewing, mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), meditation, and psychoeducation.

All of our clients will be picked up by private luxury transfer and driven to the residence in the Southwest. Our location is private and confidential and is located 2-hours and 45-minutes from Perth CBD. 

  • comfortable clothing for 7-10 days (laundry services are provided to help refresh your clothing throughout treatment)
  • toiletries
  • appropriate footwear
  • exercise clothes/shoes
  • swimsuit
  • prescription medications in original bottles
  • any paperwork in relation to your medication as discussed during pre-admission


There will be be opportunities to purchase items whilst you are with us so there’s no need to panic too much about what you pack, we will help you to ensure that you have all you need whilst you are with us.

Embark on a Journey of Personal Transformation with Six Seasons


All programs at Six Seasons are specifically tailored to cater to the individual and unique circumstances, needs, goals and preferences of each guest. The total duration of programs range in duration, however all include an extensive 12-month Telehealth aftercare program. Our Admissions team will discuss the likely duration and cost of treatment.

  • Live-in treatment for 3-8 weeks
  • 12-month aftercare program for guests when they return home
  • Multidisciplinary team, evidence-based program
  • 3-4 days per week, up to 8 weeks. 
  • 12-month aftercare program for guests 
  • Multidisciplinary team, evidence-based program
  • Flexible schedule over 21 – 28 days 
  • Anywhere in the world
  • Multidisciplinary team, evidence-based program

Invest in Your Well-Being


The majority of participants finance their programmes at Six Seasons independently, with family support, or through their business, but alternative options exist.

Regardless of your preferences, our Intake Team is on hand to guide you through the process and address any queries you might have throughout.

If you decide to pay for your program yourself, our Onboarding Team will provide you with a customised quote following an initial discussion to better understand your needs. Your customised program will be created once our Clinical Team has reviewed and assessed your Intake Assessment. We take credit card and direct debit payments, and as soon as the payment is complete, we will send you invoices and receipts for your records.

Following the recommendation of an individualised programme by our Onboarding Team, designed to meet your specific needs and goals, we’ll help you get in touch with a consultant who focuses on unlocking superannuation funds for mental health and addiction treatment. With a 100% success rate in securing superannuation application approvals, we guarantee a smooth procedure. The Compassionate Release of Super Programme, managed by the Australian Tax Office, allows individuals to withdraw funds from their superannuation for mental health treatment.

Interested in learning more? We collaborate with Release My Super, who are ready to offer additional advice on this process.

Managing the funding of your program at Six Seasons Recovery can be done seamlessly over time with the help of the different services available to you. In the event that you decide to go this path, our Onboarding Team will put you in touch with a specialised company that specialises in financing medical care. Applications from visitors to Six Seasons Recovery are welcome at this facility, which will cover your treatment costs and work with you to create a payment plan.

We provide programs for people who, in accordance with the NDIS, are either plan-managed or self-managed. Both the Core and Capacity Building budgets provide funding for our residential respite programs.