Amber Charnaud

Certified Personal Trainer

From a young age, Amber has been a passionate advocate for movement and sport, embracing the joy of being active. This love for movement has been a constant companion throughout her life, accompanying her wherever she goes.

Witnessing the disappointing trajectory of the fitness industry fuelled her determination to revolutionise how we approach movement. Amber’s passion lies in guiding individuals to explore the diverse avenues through which they can engage in physical activity. She envisions a gym culture devoid of intimidation, one that embraces inclusivity and fosters a sense of belonging for all. At the core of her philosophy is the belief in the profound impact of shifting our mindset towards exercise — it’s not about superficial appearances but rather about cultivating a deep sense of well-being.

Her training journey began at the Australian Institute of Fitness, where she gained a solid foundation in personal training. Since then, she’s worked in various studios around WA, perfecting her skills and refining her approach to fitness. Amber is also gearing up to start her Diploma of Exercise and Sports Science, furthering her commitment to empowering others through movement and well-being.

Having navigated the landscape of commercial gyms and chain studios, Amber has keenly felt the urgency for change. This journey has led her to establish The Shift Shack, a small group training space right here in the Southwest, where anyone and everyone is welcome. It’s a sanctuary where individuals can come together, free from judgment, and embark on their fitness journey in a supportive community environment.