Danny Coyne



Program Director

After years of battling personal addiction, I finally hit rock bottom. For a decade, I had relied on self-medication, losing myself and my identity along the way. It became clear that I no longer knew who I was, having spent most of my adult life buried in addiction. I didn’t know how to live a sober life.

Desperate to keep living and watch my two young boys grow up, I, with the support of my loving parents, managed to get from a hospital bed into a rehabilitation program.

Receiving treatment at one of Australia’s leading rehabilitation facilities, I became determined to reclaim my life and adopt a new approach to facing life’s challenges sober and substance-free. Through this journey and starting from the ground up, I discovered that there was a “Recipe for Healthy Living” and realised that anyone seeking to improve their lives could follow it.

From my lived experience, I knew I wanted to help others who were in the same place I once was. This desire drove the founding of Six Seasons Recovery here in the Southwest. As the first of its kind in Western Australia, we provide our guests with the time and tools to rediscover who they truly are.

Through Six Seasons Recovery, I have the privilege of walking this journey with you and offering what was given to me: the ability to find happiness and connect with yourself and those around you. Like me, you can rediscover how to love life again, to be yourself, and to love who you are.