Imogen Rae Long

Yoga Therapist


Mindfulness Instructor

Imogen is a dedicated yoga practitioner, energy healer & creative, who discovered the transformative power of yoga through her years in Dubai. After experiencing the physical and mental benefits of Hot Yoga, Imogen delved deeper into exploring the mental and energetic sides of the practice. Serendipitously, this led Imogen to Sri Lanka, where she completed her Yoga Teacher Training on the island, & began teaching classes.

Inspired by the connection between yoga and energy work, Imogen invites her students to move beyond the limits of the physical body and look at the “why” & “how”, encouraging a deeper meaning & sense of purpose for the practice. With a passion for the arts & literature, she often curates yoga flows that speak to these cultures; as well as the chakras, the cosmos, or the ancient philosophies of Yoga and self-discovery. Imogen weaves her studies of these ancient teachings both into her practices, as well as her day to day life.

Through her combination of strong teachings and gentle intuitive guidance, Imogen aims to help others embrace a more peaceful, cultural, and meaningful way of living, through the power of Yoga & contemplation.”