Julie Mullumby

Registered Nurse


Functional Medicine Nutritionist

After her own health journey, Julie did a deep dive into studying both nutrition and functional medicine to address and understand the root cause of her problems.  She used- nutrition, mapped genetics, intravenous nutrients, gut microbiome testing and with the help of a German clinic she regained her health combining conventional and complementary medicine.

Julie has trained with Curtin University, ACNEM (Australian College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine), the Academy of Integrative and Functional Medicine, the Bio Individual Nutrition Institute, the NIIM (National Institute of Integrative Medicine), Macquarie University, King Edward Memorial Hospital, and Restore therapy.

She has extensive experience across hospital and medical centre settings.  Her experience includes general, emergency, theatre, palliative care, acute/chronic disease management, antenatal/pregnancy care, and delivery suites. Julie also runs a private practice offering functional medicine testing, intravenous nutrition, lymphoedema, and scar therapy.

Julie’s approach is to support, optimising the body by addressing diet, movement, stress management, supplementation, lifestyle, balancing body systems and detecting underlying issues. Everyone is unique and given the right environment the body will heal.