Pamela Brittain

Art Therapist

Imagine being able to capture the essence and spontaneity of a moment on canvas. Whether it is a ballet in motion or the soulful depth of Western Australia’s Karijini National Park – Pamela Brittain captures movement and emotion exquisitely.

Living in the Southwest of Western Australia, Pam has a wealth of experience in her own practice and art teaching. Having held solo exhibitions regularly over the past 15 years, with pieces adorning a private collection in San Francisco and as Artist in Residence ‘Margaret River Region’ 2000 – 2002, Pam has a wealth of knowledge and a great willingness to share it.

A natural sense for teaching is one of Pam’s many qualities – whether her students are beginning their art journey or are more experienced and still young at heart, Pam is able to translate visual information with great success. The reward for Pam is seeing students continue with their own art careers or find their lives richer having developed the skills to create their own expression and translate that freedom into other aspects of their lives.

Within her work, spontaneity and line are two of Pam’s great passions and these were brought together in one of her most challenging exhibitions. Commissioned for the ‘Dance In Motion’ series, undertaken at the WA Ballet Company studios within His Majesty’s Theatre, Pam’s gifts with spontaneity and line were showcased; she beautifully captured the graceful fluidity, power and movement of the dancers. The thirty works, comprised of stunning charcoal drawings and acrylic paintings, were exhibited in 2006 and provided an opportunity for Pam to explore her newfound love of ‘form and formlessness’. Her works were used to create the stage banner, entrance panels, cards and website for the WA Ballet Company trip to China.

“My love for spontaneous drawings challenged me to create a program for my art students, which I have now run for over 20 years, encouraging my students to be engaged, present and experience the moment for creativity to unfold.”